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dLife gets the facts about Nighttime Eating Syndrome; Chef Michel Nischan is in the dLife kitchen making a tasty, low-carb variation on a classic barbecue dish; Jim Turner hits the streets to ask what you hate about your diabetes.

dLife chef Michel Nischan prepares a nutty, chocolaty treat; Find the best produce for your diabetes when shopping the produce aisle; Jim Turner talks to your significant other about your diabetes; Dr. Jen Nash shares her insight on obesity on another dLifeTV viewer submission.

Viewer Will Ryan shares what he has learned about having diabetes; dLife takes a trip on the diabetes bus; Jim Turner quizzes our diabetes knowledge on a fact or fiction diabetes testing procedure.

Dr. Stuart Weiss delves into the technology behind the latest diabetes meter devices; Jim Turner acts out one viewer's balcony mishap in Jim Turner's Diabetes Theatre and Lorena Drago takes us shopping for Hispanic food specialties that can help with blood glucose management.

Nat Strand talks food plans for a diabetes-friendly wedding; Chef Michel Nischan cooks up an Italian classic with a healthy twist — Zucchini Parmesan; Jim Turner takes the stage in Jim Turner's Diabetes Theatre; Delaine Wright flies high on the trapeze with type 1 diabetes.

Fan Favorites
The life and legacy of Jackie Robinson. who shattered baseball records and racial barriers, but struggled against diabetes.
Chef Michel Nischan makes a romantic, diabetes-friendly meal.
Jim Turner takes an arresting look at the diabetes police.
dLife community member Gregory King talks about type 1 diabetes, control, and complications.
Charlie O'Connell of FitScript works with diabetes patient James Butte to overcome the challenges of exercising with a disability.