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The story of a law enforcement veteran who faced down discrimination at the FBI…and won. Then, a rising rap star explains her struggles with her dad's diabetes, and getting up close and personal with your pancreas.

Find out how testing in pairs can lead to surprising diabetes revelations. Also, "Impossible Berry Pie" in the dLife Kitchen, and a high-flying veteran Marine Corps flier who won't let diabetes keep him down. Then, Jim Turner talks about the essential diabetes tool everyone should have but few know about – a glucagon kit.

Dogs and cats get diabetes, too. A veterinarian explains how to recognize, and treat, diabetes in your pet. Plus, driving with diabetes – do you know what you need to do before you get behind the wheel. And Jim Turner admits that when it comes to his health, he just isn't perfect.

dLife visits journalist Bob Schieffer to find out how he ‘faces the nation' each week with diabetes. And a high flying airline employee shows us what it's like to stay healthy at 20,000 feet. Plus, amazing triathletes with diabetes and Jim Turner on the fears we face.

The amazing story of a man whose quest takes him through the frozen tundra of Alaska. Plus, step on stage with Jim Turner and his one-man diabetes show. And, Chef Michel Nischan shows us how to make the ultimate comfort food—meat loaf—the low carb way.

Fan Favorites
The life and legacy of Jackie Robinson. who shattered baseball records and racial barriers, but struggled against diabetes.
Chef Michel Nischan makes a romantic, diabetes-friendly meal.
Jim Turner takes an arresting look at the diabetes police.
dLife community member Gregory King talks about type 1 diabetes, control, and complications.
Charlie O'Connell of FitScript works with diabetes patient James Butte to overcome the challenges of exercising with a disability.