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dLife looks at breaking insulin barriers in type 2 treatment with Dr. Steve Edelman. Plus, dLife explains most important number in your diabetes care – the A1C. And, how a pastor's wife started a movement in faith-based healthcare.
An American Idol shares her diabetes challenges on the road to fame, and Jim Turner hits the streets to talk about diabetes fears. Plus, a low carb salad with a sweet and sour twist in the dLife kitchen.
A dLife special presentation of the award-winning "Story of Insulin" The amazing saga of the discovery of this life-saving drug and how it has made a difference in the lives of millions.
The life and legacy of the man who shattered baseball records and racial barriers, but struggled against diabetes – Jackie Robinson. Also, a look at the language of diabetes; and the facts on an important women's health issue that could be affecting you.
Guitar rock legend Leslie West shares his struggles with diabetes; dLife profiles world-renowned street artist Shepherd Fairey; and Jim Turner returns with more man on the street interviews.


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The life and legacy of Jackie Robinson. who shattered baseball records and racial barriers, but struggled against diabetes.
Chef Michel Nischan makes a romantic, diabetes-friendly meal.
Jim Turner takes an arresting look at the diabetes police.
dLife community member Gregory King talks about type 1 diabetes, control, and complications.
Charlie O'Connell of FitScript works with diabetes patient James Butte to overcome the challenges of exercising with a disability.